Meditation practice happens when we surrender ambition in favor of simplicity.

When we start meditating, there is some level of ambition to achieve something through a specific practice. Relaxation, focus etc. Once we think we achieved our goal we are itching to move on to the next set of practices. Once we think we can’t achieve our goal through a particular practice, we are itching to move on to another set of practices to satisfy our ambition.

What would it be like to stick to ONE practice for a while?

Have a sit and follow the breath in your lower belly

Surrendering ambition creates space around our practice, we are able to soften restlessness and stay with one thing for a while. We create the conditions for the practice to inform us where we are and what we need. We become intimate with our practice, and in return our practice matures into a consistent practice that is not depended on certain idea we have about meditation. We start meditating…



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Drawing by my dear friend Sharon Tzomer

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